Well, I survived my first seven days of work and am glad to have yesterday and today off and thankfully  I didn’t have to get out in the nasty weather, except to go to the grocery store.  What is it about bad weather that people think that they have to go buy tons of food in case they are snowed in for days and can’t get out?  As if that is likely in Oklahoma.  But I was right there along with them buying stuff like milk and sugar and eggs.  Of course I was more motivated by the thought of oatmeal cookies than anything else.  They were good too.

I haven’t gotten my Christmas decorations out yet.  Last year I didn’t decorate.  No tree, no nativity scene, no decorative table cloth.  I just wasn’t in the holiday spirit.  With all the difficulties in my life this past year I think I will make a special effort to celebrate the holiday.  To celebrate what the holiday is meant to be.  A celebration of the birth of Christ, thanksgiving for the obvious things in my life like family, friends, my home, my new job and the not so obvious things like waking up each day, being able to see and hear and walk and talk, the food I have to eat and the ability to feed myself and other things that I tend to take for granted on a daily basis.  Things that if my life was going smoothly, I might have over looked.  I hope that each of you take the time this holiday season to be thankful for those things. 



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  1. My family has been through some life changing events in the past few years and I’m just now starting to feel somewhat normal again. It takes awhile to stop feeling like a cowering dog in the corner that is waiting for the next kick in the ribs.

    I’m ready for some holiday cheer,too.

  2. You summarized my feelings perfectly. I hate feeling like that. I have found myself staying away from people because I don’t want to have to tell them (when they ask) that things haven’t gotten much better so I just usually say that everything is fine even when it’s not.

  3. I believe positive thinking/speech helps the positive to manifest itself. It might take awhile, but it is better than feeling like an abused dog. I found myself counting every single blessing I had, realizing it could actually be much worse. It was the only way I emotionally survived.

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