I’ve been MIA for awhile, just trying to get through the holidays and get over a cold that seemed to linger most of December. 

I managed to get my STBP entry turned in at the OKRWA Christmas party.  Not that it was an easy feat.  My new printer cartridge printed a few pages then quit.  I went to Kinkos and put the disk in the computer and printed off my 10 pages then went to print off the cover page and it was corrupted or something anyway it locked up the computer all the while my money is ticking off the card.  The girl tells me to reboot the computer which takes forever and is still taking my money.  I finally get it going and recreate the cover page to the best of my memory.  I go to make my 4 copies and they come out blue.  So I have to go stand in line so they can credit my card and I ask the lady if I have enough to make 4 copies and she says yes.  I get through 2 and the card runs out.  So I am back in line waiting to put more money on it because of course all I have is a $20 and I don’t want to put $20 more dollars on that stinking card.  I get that done and have all my copies and decide to go to the restroom before I leave.  I sit the copies on the back of the toliet.  After I wash my hands I turn to pick them up and the lights go out.  Apparently they are on a timer.  Well, I think you can guess what happened.  It startled me and I knocked my 4 copies into the toliet.  By this time I am sniffling.  Did I mention I was on my way to work and only had a shot amount of time to do all this?  I actually did start crying a little and the girls felt sorry for me and reprinted it for me. Which was nice.  I am leaving and run right into the glass door.  Why in the heck do they only unlock one of them? ugh!  I said that “F” word that I am trying to quit saying when I am frusterated so that my 2 year old nephew won’t repeat it.  A woman who was coming in the other door gave me a dirty look and I didn’t even care at this point.  I was just wondering how fast I was going to have to drive to get to work on time.  I get out to the truck and no keys.  I looked all over it and my person then back into the store.  I am sure that it took only a few minutes to locate them but it felt like ages.  But despite my experience and my wondering if it was all a sign that I should forget it, I got it turned in.  My first contest.  Actually my first submission of any kind.  I just never think my work is good enough to submit.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. 

I usually never make resolutions for the new year but I am going to for my writing.

1. Enter some contests

2. Submit to some agents

Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, I know, but for miss scardy cat it is.



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  1. It is a big deal. 🙂

    And I hope this New Year brings you good health and prosperity. You deserve it.

  2. P.S. I’ve moved my blog back to blogger.


    I hope you are taking care of yourself with all the hours you’ve been putting in at work. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Chrystal.

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