att00026.jpg  A friend of mine sent me this picture and couldn’t resist putting it on my blog.  OMG and I thought my kitty was fat.  Sorry Zippy you can have your canned food back.  You’re not fat you’re just well insulated.  This kitty is the size of a dog.  How in the heck does a cat get that big?  Is it some giant, hybrid, new cat breed?  It makes me shiver to think about it.    My kitty likes to jump on my tummy to wake me up.  This one would knock the breath right out of you.



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  1. Man, it would hurt when he jumped on you in the bed.

  2. Do they live near a nuclear plant?

  3. P.S.

    Did you ever get your book from my contest? I can’t remember if I asked…

  4. I think Heather has the right idea. Nuclear plant gets my vote.

  5. Is it a dog in a kitty costume? *blinking* Um???

    I gotta admit, though. I LOVE a big kitty. Barrel-sized. But that can’t be good for them, can it?
    Ours are bottomless as it is.

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